Why is minecraft bedrock so bad

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First, Bedrock isn’t “ruining” Minecraft. Version exclusives have been a thing since the different companies started making games. And this isn’t a bad thing, but for general gamers, such as myself, it is frustrating at times if you want to play Kingdom Hearts and have an Xbox or play Halo and have a PS.

Description. The redstone on the bedrock edition of minecraft is so weird and messed up; barely any circuits still work, it’s random and it’s just overall really messed up. I really want the bedrock redstone be changed to java’s redstone because I just wanna be able to create giant circuits again… idk if this is a bug or intentional but it’s just …

Dear Mojang, I and my friends have massive performance problems with Minecraft Bedrock Edition on the Nintendo Switch; My game often needs more than 1 minute so start. Sometimes, it doesn’t even start and the game crashs and I see “an error accured” on the screen. When I’m in the menu, the game needs about 15 seconds to show the settings, trophies …

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If you’re not big on mods then the Bedrock version is perfectly fine. 99% of the hate it gets is from the circlejerking of Java players. Why do they hate it? Who knows?

Minecraft bedrock is unplayable. I buy the minecraft in ps4 and im furious. The game in unplayable. I cant login to Microsoft account. Servers is extremely laggy. Cant play with my friends at all. I cant play realms.and this issues is knowing for you for years now and you did nothing. The game is so broken is not consider a game.

Something I’ve always liked about the game is the emergent gameplay and mechanics players discover. A big reason this is so prolific in java is because of the rough way stuff is implemented, there’s always side effects when things are added. When we got elytra, people used a completely random other mechanic (the knockback effect of punch bows) to create something new.

An inadequate amount of RAM can significantly degrade your gaming experience. Although the minimum RAM requirements for Minecraft say 4GB of RAM is enough, that’s not going to render you an optimal Minecraft experience. At least have 8GB of DDR4 RAM that’s no less than 2666MHz. You can also dedicate RAM usage specifically for Minecraft. Here’s the …

Consistent frame drops may be a result of your graphics setting being too high, and so adjusting them downwards could ease some of the issues. If you select the Video Settings in the Options Menu , here are some changes you should make to lower your graphics:

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Is Minecraft Bedrock really that bad?

Now, I understand that Java is the home to all the free mods and such, but for someone looking to simply play Minecraft with friends, is Bedrock actually bad? If you’re not big on mods then the Bedrock version is perfectly fine. 99% of the hate it gets is from the circlejerking of Java players. Why do they hate it? Who knows?

What’s wrong with Bedrock Edition?

Bedrock Edition cuts corners. It makes a few optimizations that are detrimental to gameplay in the name of performance, like altering the the way that redstone, Minecraft’s magic logic dust, works. Redstone is deterministic (will always behave the same way under the same circumstances) on Java, but not on Bedrock.

Why does Minecraft want to switch to Bedrock Edition?

Get a PC & connect a PS4 controller with bluetooth if you want to experience minecraft. They only want to switch to bedrock edition so they can control everything & make more money with in-game purchases. Minecraft was designed to be a buy once & play forever for free type of game.

Why is mob spawning so bad in bedrock?

Mob spawning has been broken for a long time in Bedrock. While Java has a clear set of rules for balance mob spawning, Bedrock has a nonsensical one that isn’t very easily worked with. Mob farms are much more annoying to build in Bedrock.