Who won the minecraft mob vote 2021

Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote winner announced. As many expected, Allay won the Mob Vote 2021. Sadly, the moss-covered Glare was …

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Update, Oct. 16, 2021 (12:20 p.m. CT) — The Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote has concluded with the allay winning it all After two rounds …

Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 Results. The vote was held in two stages, the first one had all three mobs against each other, which were the Allay, Copper Golem, and Glare. Unfortunately for the Glare, they were easily dispatched from the race and lost to the other two mobs. First Vote Result. Allay – 51% of the Vote; Copper Golem – 37.8% of the Vote

Minecraft Live 2021 just recently concluded its showings and players are the most excited about the Mob Vote part of the show. The Allay is the Mob which won the polling of Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 and will be the next one to be introduced into the game!. Minecraft Live gave a sneak peak into the next step that it is going to take after the Caves and Cliffs update …

What is the second round of the Minecraft live 2021 mob vote?

With the glare knocked out in the first round of voting, the second part of the Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote is between the allay and the copper golem. The round of voting is now live, and you can vote right now directly above. Whichever mob wins this vote will win overall, and will be added to Minecraft in a future update.

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When is the mob vote 2021?

Mob Vote 2021: Allay Vote for your favorite mob on October 16! As you know, Minecraft Live is almost here and since we love to make the community do our homework involve the community, it’s up to YOU to pick which one of three mobs is joining Minecraft!

What is the allay in Minecraft live 2021?

Update, Oct. 12, 2021 (10:25 a.m. CT) — The ‘allay’ is the second mob featured in the Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote Mojang Studios has now revealed the ‘allay,’ a friendly mob that loves music, and enjoys collecting similar items and dropping them off near music blocks.

What is the last mob to vote in Minecraft live?

Copper golem The copper golem is the final mob in Minecraft Live 2021’s Mob Vote, and, like the other two options, gives players a ton of reasons to vote for it. The copper golem is actually crafted by players out of pure copper, and, like other copper pieces, oxidizes over time until it freezes into a statue.