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Click on links below to enter McDonald’s Customer Feedback and Survey website at You can also share your feedback here.


McDVOICE Survey Process

To take McVoice Satisfaction Survey, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official site of McDVoice –
  2. Select your desired language.
  3. Find you McDonald’s receipt and enter the “Survey Code” from the receipt to the provided box.
  4. If you are unable to find the survey code on your McDonald’s receipt then you can type in the store number, visit date, and time. Make sure that you provide the correct info and then click on Start.
  5. A survey will show up with different questions including the quality of food, service and the behavior of the staff.
  6. After you answer all the question, click on Submit.
  7. After the survey ends, you will be provided with a validation code. Make sure that you note down the validation code as this will be the voucher coupon that you can redeem at your next visit.

McDVoice Requirements

Before you can enter into any McDVoice survey at, there are some Terms & Conditions that you should know about. The customers must meet these conditions in order to take part in any McDVoice survey.

  • Any McDonald’s customer can take up to 5 surveys in a month, per store.
  • Any voucher code is redeemable within the 30 days of the Survey.
  • The Survey is only for the residents of USA and Canada.
  • You need to be at least 15 years of age to take participate in a survey.
  • You can only take in the survey if your receipts are valid and from last week. Receipts older than a week cannot be used.
  • Your coupon voucher can be suspended by McDonald’s at any given time without any reason.

6 feedbacks on “Survey

  1. Yes I’m a loyal customer to this McDonald’s. But in the pass Year is not the nice place anymore . They never have Orange Juice , the computer is out , we have to pay cash the lines are awful. The new personal doesn’t care they always taking about there business in front of customers in Spanish and English . They will have you the wrong food . They have attitude. This McDonald’s never been remodel . But the same owners remodel the want in Narcosse Road , Semoran Blvd and Orange ave . They need to train there personal and managers . The only person in there the is nice is a manager call Marangeliz Sepúlveda she’s awesome . The rest of them doesn’t care . Please remodel this McDonald’s and have training to the personal. I can go to another place if this continues . Thanks the address is 3713 Mc Coy Rd store #3007 . I hope you guys do something .

  2. Ordered a muffin and it was very stale. The top and outside were extremely hard. The inside was so dry that the muffin was not eatable.

  3. When I walked in McDonald’s it took them 5 mins to even come take my order…I walked to the kiosk to get my order went to the register and had to ask was anybody working the front…. as I waited for my food I asked for salt packs the manager gave me 1 salt and 1 pepper…I order 1 large fry and 2 mediums he asked me did I need extra salt I said yes u only gave me one he got smart with me…. then as he was walking food outside I was talking to my son about my other receipt I didn’t receive he turned around and said mam I don’t have a way to give u a receipt when I clearly was talking to my child why would I be talking to him and his back was turned he then asked me to leave the store and he wouldn’t give me my fry…I will no longer come back to this store again and he needs to do better as a manager

  4. I was serve with a great smile the speed of my service was good I had hot food and I will be returning back to this McDonald’s great job today the best service I ever had

  5. This McDonalds in Iow City has the most confusing pick up windows! We pulled up to the first window after paying & we could not see isn’t employees because of the opaque covering. We did see food being handed out of the next window so we pulled up & waited & waited. My friend got out of our car & walked back to the opaque window for our order. They said it wasn’t their fault. Where did they think we went?

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