How to whitelist yourself on minecraft server

OverviewHow to Make A Private Minecraft ServerCommandsCommon IssuesActivating the whitelist for Java Edition 1. Head to the Game Panel 2. To the left of the panel, open the console and type “whitelist on”, then press enter. 3. Once you type this, you should see a message that says “Turned on the whitelist” confirming that the whitelist has been successfully activated. Activating the whitelist for Bedrock Edition 1…

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This tutorial covers everything you need to know about how to use the Minecraft server whitelist and make your server private. From adding and removing playe…

To enable the whitelist: Step 1. Log into your Multicraft Panel. Step 2. Stop your server. Step 3. Go to “File Manager” and edit “”. Step 4. Find “white-list” and set it to “true”. Step 5. Save and restart your server.

Once in, click on “Files”, then navigate through “Config” to “Server Settings”. In there, you can enable or disable the whitelist. Make sure to restart your server after saving the settings on that page. Alternatively, with some versions of Minecraft, you can also run these commands from the console to control white listing: whitelist on whitelist off

Enable whitelist from your configuration files section and then save/restart the server You will need each players unique minecraft ingame username click on the ” web console ” in your game panel area and send the command /op MyName or /Whitelist add MyName do this for each user and you can double check their info from the config files ops/whitelist.json

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Create your own free Minecraft server: whitelist here: players here:…