How to teleport your dog in minecraft

In this video I show you how to teleport to your pets or have them teleport to you!Commands in the video:/tp @e[type=ANIMAL,name=NAME] USERNAME/tp USERNAME @…

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Another way to teleport your dog is to give it a name, but you cannot name it. If you want your pet to appear as tame as possible, name it using the CustomName:”PET NAME” data tag. Your pet will not teleport if it’s too far away from you. Instead, you can make it appear as tame as possible by naming it before teleporting it.

You can teleport your dog to you by double-clicking it and selecting the pet option. When your pet teleports to you, he will follow you and will be able to follow you everywhere. Once you have tamed your dog, it will automatically teleport to you when you teleport more than 12 blocks away. You can use the teleport command to rename your pet and make it follow you …

If one of your pets is loaded, you should be able to teleport to it, although it’s going to take some setup first. Then it’s a simple matter of teleporting yourself to one of your animals: /tp @p @e [score_tamed_min=1,c=1] (the c=1 is there to select only one tamed animal, otherwise the command will fail).

Can you teleport pets Minecraft? In order for your pet to teleport to you they need to be in a loaded chunk. If you know where they are, and you can play with a friend, you have your friend stay near the pet to keep the chunk loaded, and then go to your destination to have them teleport. They also cannot be sitting.

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First of, with the to command, it’s not “r=50” it’s “distance=..50”. Secondly, to to your wolf to you within 200 blocks, it would be /to @e [type=wolf, distance=..200,nbt= {OwnerUUID=your uuid here}] @p. level 2. Op · 2 yr. ago. Thank you so much! Continue this thread. r/Minecraft. Minecraft community on reddit.

On Bedrock Edition you could do a teleport command to teleport all wolves in loaded chunks to you. If I can recall correctly, the command is /tp @e [type=wolf] @s . I can’t confirm if this command is the same for Java Edition, …

Rules describing dog & cat telepotrting are found in the relevant wiki pages: Dog (Wolf) and Cat (Ocelot) Basically, teleportation of cats & dogs can not be reliably controlled by players. The lost reliable ways to move them are via a Lead, or while in a Boat or Minecart. Which is “best” will depend both on the circumstances (eg terrain) and …

If you went to the dogs you can either: er / tp @e [type = wolf] ~ ~ ~ use to transport the dogs to the old base. Use du / tp @e [distance = .2] x y z to teleport you and all entities within 2 blocks. Hu. Hughtoothsome. 9 months ago. But the chunk stays loaded if my friend stays in the chunk with the new base. Po.

Teleporting Lost/ Sitting pets. I think that Minecraft should have a (n) feature where you may use a command to teleport named pets that are either lost, or sitting. Example: /Tp pet: Max wolf. /Tp pets: Max wolf Milo wolf Daisy ocolot.