Dream Meaning Planet Interpretation

As you know, planets are objects in the sky that usually surround the sun. Scientists are still exploring the space to discover extraterrestrial life. Planets in the dream indicate that human presence is so small in the universe for some people. The planets show the concept of humanity. The planets manifest your desire to be … Read more

Money Dream Meaning Interpretation

Money is present in our lives so often you can dream about cash anytime. You should know that if you experience a troublesome economic situation, you may be more inclined to get this kind of dream. Children often get the dream of finding money on the ground and how they share this wealth with those … Read more

Thin Dream Meaning Interpretation

When you feel thin in dreams, it’s not always that they obsess you with losing weight because you look fat. The subconscious sometimes gives specific messages in your sleep. Many strange dreams that occur in sleep, what does that mean? The dream dictionary will help you interpret the weird note from the subconscious. When you … Read more

Moon Dream Meaning Interpretation

The moon is the only natural satellite of the earth. For humans, the planet is a symbol of romance, imagination, personal growth, and life cycle. According to the yin and yang, the two concepts of Taoism, the moon is part of yin, feminine, darkness, passivity. Some people think that dreams about the moon mean the … Read more

Wind Dream Meaning Interpretation

Sleeping with open windows allows you to feel the wind. Your subconscious mind gives you a dream about the wind. Individual sounds can strike you during sleep by generating dreams related to sound. Dream analysts interpret dreams of the wind as an unexpected change. The wind can blow in different directions. Thoughts of an extreme … Read more

Invisible Dream Meaning Interpretation

Not seen in your dream includes a strange vision that people rarely experience. It is one of the dreams that people try to stimulate themselves. A depressed and frustrated person can have a dream to be invisible and let go of the most profound ego impulse. Real-life actions that you can’t manifest into reality in … Read more

Maggot Dream Meaning Larva Interpretation

Dreams of maggots are always related to rotting. Larva often appears on rotting food and carcasses, fly larvae, it grows by eating everything around it, including meat. Maggots are also like leeches, eating everything they ride. In fact, in the medicine world, they are also used as a therapy, to treat injuries possessed by people … Read more

Celery Dream Meaning Interpretation

Celery is a herbal plant of the Apiaceae family. You may have read something positive about vegetables in general. When the vegetables appeared in a dream, you need to investigate the types of plants to get a more accurate interpretation. In this case, it is dreaming about celery. That’s why you always have the dream … Read more

Dream Meaning Garage Interpretation

The garage is a closed place to store the vehicle. This place also functions as a warehouse and workshop, as well as to save other tools. What does the garage symbolize in your sleep? The subconscious always has a reason why the garage is present in your dreams. If you park your car, the unusual … Read more

Dream Meaning Kissing Interpretation

Kissing is a touch with lips. As you know, every element in your sleep gets a special place to interpret your dreams. The most popular theme in the dream world is a kiss. What does the subconscious mean? When you were a teenager and hormone developed, you may have dreamed of kissing. Dreams like this … Read more