Underwear Dream Meaning Interpretation

Underwear is part of men’s and women’s clothing. Since ancient times humans have been wearing a protector as their underwear. It is a common dream, not only in men but women can also have this vision. Initially, underwear is useful for protecting the genital area. However, over the years, underwear has become a symbol of … Read more

Blueberry Dream Meaning Interpretation

Blueberry is a bush with berries that are blue with a little sour taste. In general, blueberries represent hope and safety. Blueberries are plants of the genus Vaccinium; these include wild bushes that produce round fruit. This plant species is from the United States, which is also the largest blueberry producer in the world. As … Read more

White Dream Meaning Interpretation

The white color is present in many places; it can also appear naturally in your sleep. White is usually the opposite of all things related to black. People who use white color bring right image and kindness because this color symbolizes humility, peace, and love. In many countries, many people wear white wedding dresses. The … Read more

Monastery Dream Meaning Abbey Interpretation

The monastery is a residence for religious groups. A monastery in real life can appear in dreams. What do you mean by taking it to nature? Why did you dream of a monastery? The first thing you have to do after dream is to open a dream dictionary to find hidden meanings from the subconscious. … Read more

Magic Dream Meaning Interpretation

Magicians create illusions to cheat reality. A dream about a magician can come if you admire this skill. Many famous magicians in the world, and you may have also watched their shows. What does a magician describe in dreams? Dream dictionaries will help you explain messages from the subconscious. Magic in dreams represents an illusion … Read more

Dream Meaning Island Interpretation

An island is a place for humans, animals, and plants to live. Dreaming about the island is a strange dream. You may have heard an explanation or story about a lost island. These dreams come spontaneously in your sleep. What do islands represent in your sleep? It is when you need to know with the … Read more

Lantern Dream Meaning Interpretation

A lamp is a favorite tool in most buildings and houses around the world. In addition to its beautiful nature, the light must provide lighting. In the old days, before the lamps were found, people also used candle or oil lamp for lighting at home. Why did your subconscious create this dream? It is not … Read more

Tombstone Dream Meaning Interpretation

The tombstone is a structure to show who is buried in the grave. This dream is related to the element of death. In many cases, these dreams are not bad signs or wrong meanings. The tombstone shows the name of the deceased person in the cemetery. What does monument represent in a dream? The dream … Read more

Razor Dream Meaning Interpretation

A razor can be seen in a dream if you just shave your beard. Actions that you have done before can impact on your dream while sleeping. Dream interpreters claim that the dream of a razor is a desire to forget the sad memories of the past. Other dream interpreters mean that you can have … Read more

Dream Meaning Bayonet Interpretation

  The bayonet is a knife or dagger that hangs on a rifle. As you already know, the soldiers often use the bayonet in battle or ceremony. Dreams that occur spontaneously always have a specific meaning, you will soon learn to extract information that your subconscious send. The bayonet in a dream signifies your desire … Read more